Abu Dhabi Industrial projects

At Abu Dhabi National Industrial Projects (ADNIP), we specialize in identifying, developing and operating high-value commercial ventures. We are rooted in a history of growth guided by knowledge and expertise from our majority stakeholders. It is how we became the first Group to set up some of the most successful companies in the region - in areas as diverse as medical devices, business consulting, carpets and tissue paper manufacturing.

At ADNIP, we own a diversified investment portfolio. As the parent organization, our objectives include value addition through strategic goal setting, business development and shared quality management practices across subsidiaries. We also support our subsidiaries by devising:

• Solutions that increase capacities and enhance
   efficiencies in all subsidiary companies

• IT infrastructure assets to increase productivity    and optimize manpower usage

• Structured career development program for
   all employees

We benchmark ourselves against global conglomerates by focusing on technology, product and service quality, world-class management systems and a superior delivery. We enjoy cordial relationships with regional government bodies and global networks of affiliated specialists. This places us in a strong strategic position to leverage our competitive advantage in the region, elevating the equity of ourselves, our partners and employees, while benefiting the community we operate in. Our leadership entails generating new thoughts, translating them into concepts, and executing them as projects on the ground.  Logo dott