The Values that guide us
Our Vission

In pioneering greenfield industrial projects

We have a strong track record of initiating and executing greenfield industrial projects. With proven expertise in establishing and managing successful companies like Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill, Abu Dhabi National Carpet Factory and Abu Dhabi Medical Devices Company, we are all set to launch new and exciting ventures. With these projects, we aim to break new ground and contribute further to the national economy.

In introducing new ideas to the region

As thought leaders, we have already come up with a series of new projects in the region: The first company to manufacture Auto Disable syringes in the Middle East and North Africa, the first local producer of Axminster carpets in the UAE, the first carpet factory and the first tissue paper mill in the UAE. To continue this tradition of new ideas, we foster a culture that values innovation and inspires individuals to think differently, take calculated risks and challenge the status quo.

In optimizing global expertise and local insights

Our unique competitive edge lies in providing in-depth cultural understanding locally while applying global expertise and best practices. Our senior management is armed with cross-industry, multinational experience, a strength complemented by an in-depth understanding of regional sensitivities.

In sharing responsibility and success

We are comprised of different business subsidiaries, and each has expanded over time, growing into formidable companies in their own right. Across the subsidiaries is a culture of collaboration and mutual support, building on and complementing one another. In the process, we have emerged as a powerful unified entity, the sum of which is greater than its parts. We empower this unity by providing shared services to subsidiaries and ensuring that they benefit from the best worldwide.

In being the pride of Abu Dhabi

Our Group embodies Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030. We epitomize this vision by contributing positively and sustainably to the growth of the Emirate.   Logo dott