Set up as a joint venture between ADNIP and NNE Pharmaplan of Germany in 1999, Abu Dhabi Medical Devices Company (ADMD) is a leading manufacturer of Auto Disable (AD) syringes, Single Use syringes, Insulin syringes and IV Cannula. ADMD combines entrepreneurial vision with a strong business model built on high standards of product quality, safety and a sustainable working environment. The company’s customers are spread out in over 60 countries; these include leading non-governmental organizations of the world, Ministries of Health and private sector organizations in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the
Far East.

A new production line dedicated to AD and Insulin syringes was commissioned in

2003. The AD syringe comes with a fixed needle that can be used just once. Its one-way valve gets activated after the first usage, blocking further intake of liquid and preventing reuse.

These syringes enjoy global quality approvals and certifications from bodies such as the ISO and World Health Organisation (WHO). The only WHO- approved manufacturer of AD syringes in the Middle East, ADMD produces over 300 million pieces of AD syringes per year. The company’s AD syringes are used by the UNICEF and Ministries of Health worldwide.