Wall to wall commitment by design

The first carpet manufacturing company in the capital, Abu Dhabi National Carpet Factory (ADNC) was commissioned in 2001. Today, it is a leading supplier of carpets in the GCC and beyond. The company specializes in a range of customized carpeting solutions with a focus on aesthetics as well as functionality, adding up to lasting value.

ADNC is ISO 9001:2008 certified and a member of the British Wool Marketing Board. With new facilities undergoing periodic upgrades and expansion, the company’s production capacity keeps increasing significantly. Its current annual output exceeds 11 million sq m of carpets and 6,000 tonnes of yarn.

The company’s rigorous internal standards result in products that match global standards in terms of quality and reliability. The first and only producer of Axminster

carpets in the UAE, ADNC can turn out unique designs and colour combinations using a blend of 80/20 British Wool yarn.

Another specialty of the company is the Yamaguchi carpet. Tufted from polyesters and polypropylene, Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) Heat Set and 80/20 British Wool, these carpets are defect-free and deliver high performance. ADNC’s BCF yarn comes in both tri-colours and solid colours, in various denier produced and non-flammable categories. Similarly, Chromojet machines can print endless designs on tufted carpets including cut, loop or cut-loop nylon yarn. In addition, the carpet categories come in a range of pile heights, weights, colours and customized designs – features that give ADNC a unique competitive edge.